Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

Be Seen In the Community! Become a Sponsor.

ISD has a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities throughout the year - attracting an audience un-matched right across Australia - both in size and diversity!

Our community appreciate companies that support ISD- it is because of our sponsor and donor support that 100% of our programs either significantly subsidizes or are absolutely free for anyone to enjoy! ISD relies on sponsorships to help fund many of our valuable community programs.

We offer a sponsor experience that cannot be matched - presenting different programs, events, services and festivals annually. We are leaders in integrating sponsor brands into our programs delivering meaningful consumer brand experiences. We provide unparalleled experiential marketing opportunities - bringing your brand to life with a full-service sponsor servicing team. ISD has experience in working on sponsorship initiatives with organizations ranging from local business to large corporations.

Learn more about how you can engage and support the community with your sponsorship through visiting specific program and event pages.

To discuss a specialized sponsorship package that may include customized marketing opportunities for multiple programs and events across the country contact our head office.

Our Sponsors:


Suhana Butcher Shop has been Delivered Fresh Halal Meat over 3 years to the Local Community and Restaurants.


Authentic Indonesian cuisine - Halal Food. 


Best Indonesian/Malaysian food you can get outside of Indonesia/Malaysia