Grievance and Disputes Procedure

Grievance Mechanism and Procedures

Written Complaint Grievance Mechanism and Procedures Flowchart

The Judiciary Committee Procedures


Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Fraud Risk Management Policy

Cash Handling Procedure

Authority to Sign Cheques Policy

Petty Cash Policy

Reimbursement of Expenses Policy

Mosque Facilities Policy

General Parking Rules

Overnight Stays, Lectures, Donations and other policies

Inappropriate or Concerning Behaviours

Advertisement and Announcement Policy


Ruling on i’tikaaf

Sub-committee – Terms of reference

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Committee Rev 1

Duty Statement and Contract of Employee

Housing Agreement

ISD Goals 2016-2017

Audit & Budget

Financial 2018

Financial 2017

Financial 2016

Financial 2015

Financial 2014


Student Evening Classes

Adult Education

Register for Itikaf

Incident & Grievance Report Form

Leave Application

Parent Consent (Youth Club)

Hire of Islamic Community Hall

ISD Membership Form

Membership Policy

Quick Checklist Membership

Volunteer Agreement PDF

Volunteer Agreement Word

Form Education Volunteer (Teacher)

Student Registeration Form (Madrasah)

Expenses Claim Form

Application for Request to Stay in Masjid

Muslim Counseling Intake Form

Work Health and Safety

Incident – Report with Injury

Incident – Report no Injury

Confidential Incident Report

Theft Report

Hazard Report Form

Fit to Work Chart

Return to Work Program

Check List

Volunteer-checklist Staying in Mosque