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Joint Media Release Nov 9, 2016

Posted on: 09 November 2016

Media Statement

The Islamic Society of Darwin (ISOD) and the Imam of the Darwin Mosque would like to jointly express their deep sadness at the recent article about the Darwin Muslim community that was published on 23-Oct-2016 in the Sunday Territorian.

The new Executive Committee elected on 2-Oct-2016 continues to ensure that the workings of the Society are in compliance with the Incorporations Act. Financial reports of the Society and the Australian-Makassan College Inc. are available for perusal upon request.  It has also developed a comprehensive grievance policy which has been made accessible via the society’s website and mosque noticeboards. The Society can confirm that no financial complaints against the society have been lodged yet.

The Society and the Imam acknowledge the presence of tension within the community, but would like to highlight that healing process has been initiated and has gained great momentum. This has been brought about by the sermons of the Imam and actions of the executive committee.

The Society and the Imam assure the Darwin Muslim community as well as the wider community that a continued joint effort will be made in order to foster genuine engagement and sustainable cohesion among community members.

Lastly, the Imam would specifically like to call on all Muslims to work towards a spirit of inclusiveness and shared identity, through which we will be able to counter our minor differences with peace and love to create a more harmonious society.


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