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Admission Procedure

Admission Policy

All Muslim children are welcome to the Madrasah. To place the child in the right class, the Madrasah may either conduct an interview or administer an oral or written assessment, as is deemed appropriate. An effort will be made to keep the child in a class with children of his/her age group and ability. This is nessasary for the saturday Madrasah classes. 

Enrollment and Registration

You can enroll your child in the Madrasah on any Saturday on which the Madrasah is running. Along with enrollment you must register your child by filling in an application form available with the Principal or the Administrator and returning it to them. This is extremely essential for us as it will help us to maintain records and perform countless other functions efficiently.

Click here for online Student enrollment form

Click here to go to Student Enrollment Form

Volunteer Registration

If you want to register as a volunteer in either the Saturday Madrasah or the Monday and Wednesday classes, it is nessasary for you to fill out the 'Islamic Education & Children’s Handling Volunteer Form'. This essential to maintain records and avoid any unfortunate happenings.

Click here to go to Islamic Education & Children’s Handling Volunteer Form

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